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C63s amg coupe wide body kit

The final form of the AMG GLC 63 Coupe Inferno shows more than the new large air intakes, aggressive side skirts, boot lid spoiler, custom diffuser, huge wheels and carbon fiber elements previewed by TopCar months ago. The market-ready version of the package gets more carbon fiber parts.

Most of which are concentrated at the rear. The hood is also revised with a lighter material. Moreover, the suspension of the crossover appears to be lower than the previous variants featured in the teaser.

Buyers have the option to add a custom carbon fiber grille as well. With that, the vehicle still produces the same hp and lb-ft of torque. The numbers allow it to accelerate from mph in only 3. Even without a custom interior kit, the cabin of the vehicle is adorned with either Artico leather or Dinamica microfiber plus sports steering wheel and pedals.

A large display sits on the center console of the crossover too. Username or Email Address. Remember Me. Your Email:. Leave a Comment Cancel reply Comment. Can't remember your Password? Register for this site! Username: Your Email: LoadingJavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

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Prior Design wide body kit for the AMG GT

Mercedes-Benz C-class W C63 body kit Mercedes Benz W C63 Aerodynamic. Mercedes-Benz C-class W C63 body kit rear diffuser with exhaust tips. Benz W C63S font lip side skirts.

c63s amg coupe wide body kit

Benz W C63S font lip side skirts Contact us for pricing! Mercedes Benz w c63s front lip. Mercedes Benz w c63s front lip Contact us for pricing! Mercedes C63 W Coupe front lip side skirts rear diffuser wing lip spoiler. Mercedes-Benz C-class W C63 body kit bumper front lip diffuser rear wing. Mercedes Benz W C63 rear diffuser.

Mercedes Benz W C63 rear diffuser Contact us for pricing! Mercedes W C63 Sedan Body kit. Mercedes W C63 Sedan wide body kit. Leave a Message Send us a message or a question and we will reply as soon as possible.

The Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series Is the $125,000 Ultimate C-Class

For a quick note, just use this form. Our team will be in touch shortly. Leave a Message.Mercedes-AMG and the C-Class, a symbiosis that has given us one of the finest compact luxury coupes around year after year, is rumored to completely reinvent itself with a model that will ditch V8 power in favor of something more polar bear friendly. Rear-wheel-drive and a nine-speed automatic gearbox are the order of the day, with propulsion coming from a 4.

Since the C63 and C63 S are coming to the end of their life cycle with not too long to go before they are completely overhauled and redesigned, no changes have been announced for the model year. The muscular body lines, but svelte styling, of the C63 Coupe make it one of the most handsome vehicles currently on offer from Mercedes-AMG, with only the AMG GT supercar arguably a better fit for the current design language.

A long, taut hood leads to the trademark Panamericana grille, which is framed by LED headlights and enhanced by gaping air dams. The fenders feature a vent-like indentation, with the bulging arches framing inch wheels on the C63, and 19s on the S.

Mercedes-AMG GT S By Prior Design Looks Mean With Widebody

Speaking of the rear, a short trunk, elongated LED taillights, and a familiar quad-tipped exhaust with fake vents and a diffuser complete the look from the outside. Both the C63 and C63 S share the exact same dimensions, with the only difference being found in the curb weight.

The base C63 weighs 4, lbs while the S model is a little fatter at 4, lbs. The length is Height is just Mercedes-AMG's versatile and capable 4. Coupled exclusively with a nine-speed MCT automatic gearbox and rear-wheel-drive, the slower C63 can get from mph in just 3.

The full-fat experience comes in the C63 S, though, which can do the sprint a tenth quicker. Although the figures are part of the story, the fun factor that the C63 offers is what makes it an attractive proposition.

Where bigger models from both Mercedes and BMW have moved on to switchable all-wheel-drive systems for better control, the C63 and its nemesis, the M4, have doggedly remained rear-wheel-drive, at least for now. This means that you can leave the C63 in a comfortable setting when you want to cruise home and step things up by changing gears yourself through the paddles when you want to attack corners or do ridiculously smoky rolling burnouts.

The C63 lacks the absolute deftness and agility of an M4, thanks to a truly lardy pounds more junk in the proverbial trunk. Nevertheless, it would take driving the two back to back for you to find a reason to complain about the C Despite its heft, the C63 never struggles to move, and its power is impressively managed by the adaptive AMG Ride Control suspension.

With an electronic limited-slip diff in the base C63, you can still take corners sharply when attacking bends and cause the weather change from the rear tires alone when the urge for hooliganism takes you. To cope with the increase in power and to provide an even crisper driving experience, the C63 S is fitted with a sharper tune on the electronic rear diff for more clinical cornering maneuvers. The steering is communicative and well-weighted, although in Comfort it can feel over-assisted.

However, a recurring gripe on Mercedes-AMG models is the adaptive suspension that only seems to adapt your spine to a form mimicking that of Notre Dame's most famous bell-ringer.

In its comfiest setting, it's acceptable and glosses over minor road imperfections, but when you need firmer damping for better response, it's excessively taut, jarring every fiber of your being and making you question why you spent all that money on a C63 when a regular C-Class would have saved you from the torture chamber that is an AMG.

Nevertheless, a C63 sedan doesn't have the wider rear track that the coupe does, and on the days that you're out on the track, the extra investment shows its value with phenomenal grip and excellent corner execution. The brakes can't be faulted, and with optional composite rotors available, you can make the most of racetrack surfaces when the suspension feels just right.

The 4. With a But while the figures are impressive, they hinge on your ability to resist flattening the loud pedal, which often proves to be an impossible task. The C63 is a four-seater officially, but as with pretty much every vehicle of this type, the rear seats should be reserved for your youngest offspring, particularly since climbing into the back is a bit of a tricky exercise.

The front seats on the other hand, whether they're looking after a six-footer or not, are exceptionally comfortable and easy to access.Complete it individually with other components like Body Kit, exhaust system, wheels, brakes oder suspension. Our demonstration vehicle comes full equipped with all options in highest performance stage with supercharger kit. We would be happy to make an appointment with you for demonstration and test drive. Get in touch with us!

The HMS-Tuning Performance exhaust system with valve technology would perfectly complete the supercharger kit. Incomparable sound on demand, premium crafted in high quality stainless steel. Adapters for the body shell left and right, PDC and headlamp cleaning device must be rebuilt from the stock parts! The rear fender flares are available either in carbon or in fiberglass version.

The set consists of 8 parts to glue on. Finally we suggest to install the OEM inner wheelhouse cover for the C63 Black Series since only them are wide enough. Home English German. Stock-Power Stock-Torque Exhaust system made of stainless steel 1.

Hint: series bumper need to be cut out. Fits to models prior to facelift 2, Front Bumper The Front bumper is available either in carbon or in fiberglass version.

Mercedes-Benz AMG C63 Coupe/C63s Coupe Body Kits

The set consists of: Front bumper body shell Mounting Kit LED daytime running light, left and right Radiator grill, middle - bottom Adapters for the body shell left and right, PDC and headlamp cleaning device must be rebuilt from the stock parts!

This front bumper is not supposed for shipping, only for adaption in our garage! Carbon 3, Fender flares rear The rear fender flares are available either in carbon or in fiberglass version. Stock fender and inner wheelhouse need to be cut and modified to assure free-wheeling! Brake Upgrade x 36 mm The HMS Brake Upgrade consists of: 2 x brake chamber of aluminium 2 x friction ring x 36 mm Mounting set for friction ring CNC machining of the stock brake callipers Painting of the brake callipers Adapter set for mounting the stock brake callipers 1 Set Steelflex brake pipes 3, You are interested in performance package products and like to receive more details?

To submit your request Click here.A handcrafted hp biturbo V8 unleashes a lb-ft torrent of torque. Aggressive style envelops advanced technologies. It's not just the most powerful coupe in its class. It may be the most powerfully seductive, too. Direct Injection and multispark ignition. RACE mode. Panorama roof. Active Brake Assist. Mercedes-Benz Emergency Call. Dual-zone automatic climate control. Heated front seats.

AMG S instrumentation. AMG Track Pace.

c63s amg coupe wide body kit

Lock in future maintenance costs at today's prices. Available for new, Certified Pre-Owned and Pre-Owned vehicles and honored at all participating Mercedes-Benz dealers, Prepaid Maintenance offers significant savings and peace of mind. Factory-trained technicians use the most advanced diagnostic tools and Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts. Show Navigation. Acceleration 3. Color Polar White. Handcrafted AMG 4. Exterior Dimensions Wheelbase Interior Dimensions Headroom front Engine Power hp 5, rpm Torque lb-ft 1, rpm Compression ratio Performance Acceleration mph 3.

Multimedia Optional Features Multimedia Package Multimedia Package. The driver should utilize the system's audio cues while driving and should only consult the map or visual displays once the vehicle has been stopped in a safe place.

Maps do not cover all areas or all routes within an area, may require periodic updating, and may not reflect recent or temporary changes to roadways. Maps do not cover all areas or all routes within an area.

Online map updates require Mercedes me connect In-car WiFi connection. Phone sold separately. It does not adapt cruising speed in response to stationary objects, nor does it predict the curvature and lane layout of the road ahead or the movement of vehicles ahead. It is the driver's responsibility at all times to be attentive to traffic and road conditions, and to provide the steering, braking and other driving inputs necessary to retain control of the vehicle.As an Armytrix fan, customer, or potential customer, you have likely heard of Valvetronic.

It's one of the prominent selling features of Armytrix exhaust systems and has shifted the entire exhaust industry towards adopting similar technology in all exhaust systems.

c63s amg coupe wide body kit

The whole point of the Valvetronic system is to give you an option for how loud you want your car to be. If you leave early in the morning for work, you probably don't want your car to be excessively loud, as it will upset your neighbors. Once you're out on the open road or shredding a canyon road, you want to hear those awesome noises your car makes. The Valvetronic system allows you to switch between being quiet and being loud with the push of a button via the included remote or through the smartphone application; this works by tapping into a vacuum source on your engine and connecting it to the control module.

When you press the button on the remote or smartphone application, you are communicating with the OBDII module via Bluetooth. This OBDII module tells the exhaust valve module to allow the engine vacuum to open or close the exhaust valve. Aside from getting a brutal sound with the Valvetronic system open, you can also gain power, especially if your car is turbocharged. Depending on the car, modifications, and tune you have, the valve being open will also the exhaust gas to flow more freely, as it does not have to pass through any muffler.

If your vehicle is turbocharged, you may see a slight increase in boost pressure depending if you are running an open or closed boost cycle, resulting in more horsepower. The rpm value in Auto mode can be set to open valves. Your message has been successfully sent. We will get back to you by email within 24 - 48 hours. Warranty Registration Check your order Checkout. Check Order Status Go! Your browser does not support the audio element. Stock Exhaust. Armytrix Full Exhaust.

Shipping: days deliver to US and Europe. Other countries will take days. Shipment: Delivery: Varies Payments:. Once you're out on the open road or shredding a canyon road, you want to hear those awesome noises your car makes The Valvetronic system allows you to switch between being quiet and being loud with the push of a button via the included remote or through the smartphone application; this works by tapping into a vacuum source on your engine and connecting it to the control module.

Unleash the ultra-high decibel output for adrenaline-fuelled enjoyment. Your browser does not support the video tag. Designed To Perform, Destined To Amaze Highest standard wind tunnel test, multiple tests and verification evoke beast performance limit. Downpipe with cutting-edge flexible pipe technology Protect exhaust pipes from breakage and facilitate cooling to maximize engine performance.

Special rapid-cooling ceramic coating reduces under-hood temperature and resistant to rust and corrosion build-to-order. Ceramic Coated Downpipe Prevents metal fatigue from high temperature. Standard Downpipe Deteriorate under high temperature which leads to pipe breakage. Simulation software for gas flow, thermal energy leakage of a variety of data analysis. Meticulously crafted for precise fitment Quality is our pride of workmanship.This two-door also sits firmly on the road thanks to its width and low height, making it the dream of many a car lover.

But it makes an even more striking impression when it is equipped with the new wide body kit from Prior Design. The kit bears the name of PDGTR and makes its competitor, the Porsche from Affalterbach, look almost outrageously muscular by comparison. So the driver of this sports car can be sure of being the main attraction wherever he shows up. The most important part of the kit is, of course, the extremely sweeping widening of the body on the front and rear axles.

New side rocker panels provide for a shapely connection of the axles. In addition, the kit includes complete front and rear skirts — including a spoiler lip and cup fenders in front and a large diffuser and cup fenders in the rear, as well.

c63s amg coupe wide body kit

An engine hood and the fixed, multi-piece rear spoiler round off the package. The body kit is produced entirely of carbon on request. Of course, wheel housings that are so enlarged definitely need a new set of wheels. This AMG is standing on Prior Design PD3Forged wheels with five double spokes, the black finish of which contrasts agreeably with the red paint job on the body.

The dimensions of these three-part wheels are 9. The interior of the GT S, which is already furnished to a very high standard at the factory, has been similarly customized.

Since a full-bodied roar is practically a necessity for the engine of such an imposing sports car, Prior Design also provided some enhancements in this respect: a new exhaust system, including valve control, has been added to the four-liter twin-turbo V8 in the GT S.

Hence the GT S not only has everything it needs to be a first-rate show car, but is also intended to be convincing on the racetrack. The results will soon be made public, along with other information. We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website. You can find out more about which cookies we use by visiting the settings page and opt in to the different options or you can allow their use by pressing the accept button to the right.

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